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With so much competition and many product offerings in the market, consumers end up buying what would turn out to be a ‘bad’ product, in terms of Quality, Cost and or effectiveness, just because of proximity or lack of information. This means that Companies that exceed Customer’s expectations remain competitive. While mass marketing can reach the target audiences, the messages may lack clarity or are less informative. Companies struggle to generate sales, create visibility, and achieve effective positioning. Therefore, Executive Commercial Concepts Ltd intends to help target companies achieve high market penetration rates and improve sales through the ‘take it to the market’ services Concept. This will be achieved through well designed supplier-consumer interactions and engagements. Through this Concept the following accrue to our client organizations:
i) Educated and well informed consumers
ii) Improved product/Service awareness
iii) Improved sales for client organization
iv) Improve institutional visibility
v) Improve diffusion rate for new companies.

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How it Works

We enter into an agreement with your company, we tailor make and or design a mix of marketing activities to suit identified business needs of the customer. Our Services are as follows:

 A customer can hire us or outsource our marketing services so that we undertake the marketing function for the client. We use our own staff and resources as shall be agreed with customer. Here we offer full marketing services including research, promotions, and advertising.  We also assist new companies settle.

In this case we offer selected activities as per agreement with our customers. The extent of our involvement and activities undertaken depends on the agreement with our clients’ needs.

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