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With so much competition and many product offerings in the market, consumers end up buying what would turn out to be a ‘bad’ product, in terms of Quality, Cost and or effectiveness, just because of proximity or lack of information. This means that Companies that exceed Customer’s expectations remain competitive. While mass marketing can reach the target audiences, the messages may lack clarity or are less informative. Companies struggle to generate sales, create visibility, and achieve effective positioning. Therefore, Executive Commercial Concepts Ltd intends to help target companies achieve high market penetration rates and improve sales through the ‘take it to the market’ services Concept. This will be achieved through well designed supplier-consumer interactions and engagements. Through this Concept the following accrue to our client organizations:
i) Educated and well informed consumers
ii) Improved product/Service awareness
iii) Improved sales for client organization
iv) Improve institutional visibility
v) Improve diffusion rate for new companies.

To make everyone a winner.


To help all realize their full potential through provision of stakeholder specific services.

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Objectives and Values


A. Attain a competitive position in our chosen markets.
B. Achieve sustainable business growth and profitability.
C. Attain and sustain a positive and visible corporate image and reputation
D. Contribute to the creation of sustainable employment in Zambia.
E. Fulfil customer transactions/orders promptly and efficiently.
F. Create valuable mutual benefits for all stake holders.

Core Values

A. Honesty
B. Accountability
C. Excellence
D. Ethical
E. Speed


Business Consultancy services

In this category the company offers expert advice or propositions for Read More

Supply and distribution services

The company intends to become a reputable supplier and distributor Read More

Training services

We train employees of client Institutions with courses cutting across Customer
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ICT – Software and website development

We Develop and maintain company websites and Information Systems
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Tax advisory services

Money lending services

General trading services

Team Behind Our Success

Adam Clinton

Ceo & Founder
Innovation, transformation & leadership occur in many ways. To take a trivial ...

Homer Donnie

Managing Director
Innovation, transformation & leadership occur in many ways. To take a trivial ...

Jerome Hobert

Chief Executive
Innovation, transformation & leadership occur in many ways. To take a trivial ...