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Our services

Business consultancy services

In this category the company offers expert advice or propositions for growth and competitive positioning of client companies regardless whether they are new or old in the country. The services may include the following:

  1. Customer recruitment and management
  2. Product/Service awareness campaigns
  • Creating content for advertisements and branding Concepts
  1. Marketing and Sales strategy development
  2. Marketing research
  3. Developing business plans
  • Developing operational manuals (for microfinance operations and banks)


We tailor marketing program to suit different needs of our clients. We undertake all kinds of

Market research and surveys. We design and implement promotional and demand stimulating activities on behalf of clients. We also undertake sales Promotions such as Road shows and other publicity stunts. For new companies or products we create Targeting, positioning and branding concepts to accelerate diffusion rates.


Under research we undertake a number of activities including:

  • Perception surveys
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Price Surveys
  • Market surveys
  • Visibility Surveys
  • Any other research according to customer requirement

Supply and distribution services

The company intends to become a reputable supplier and distributor of various customer products and goods. We employ and pay our own sales teams who sell goods for our customers.


In all these activities we remain professional, ethical and honest at all times. The Products may include;

  • House hold products
  • Office equipment/Furniture
  • Safety attires (PPE)
  • Stationery
  • Insurance services
  • Banking services
  • Loans/Credit services

Training services

We train employees of client Institutions with courses cutting across Customer service, accounting skills, credit operations, Loan documentation, delinquency management, reconciliations, etc.

The training is conducted in one of the following:

  • In-house training
  • Open-workshops

In-house training is arranged with the employer and tuition is given to employees at an agreed venue. Tuition and content of the course may be designed to suit the employers training needs.

Open-Workshops are general courses offered to employees of different organizations nominated by their respective organizations to attend a particular workshop. Tuition is delivered at a venue arranged by Liberty Commercials and Concepts.


The following are some of the courses we offer:

  • Fire drills
  • Customer service
  • Credit management
  • Supervisory management skills
  • Accounting
  • Cash management
  • Leadership
  • Public relations